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Barry & Margaret
Joel & Laura


Montsalvat Winter
Older weddings
Aaron and Nicole 1.3.13
Aaron and Nicole 2013
Adam & Josie
Adam & Sarah
Adam and Josie
Adam and Natasha
Adrian & Daniela
Adrian & Jayme
Adrian and Sarah
Adrian and Simella
Alan and Shamila
Alex and Alice
Alice and Alex Thankyou's
Alissa & Chris - Extras
Allan and Nadia
Andre and Maria
Andrew & Belinda
Andrew & Nadine
Andrew & Renee
Andrew & Tara
Andrew and Dana
Andrew and Keeghan
Andrew and Nicole
Andrew and Paula
Andrew and Rebecca
Andrew and Youstina
Anthony and Catherine
Anthony and Merianne
Anthony and Tanina
Arthur and Maria
Ballara Gallery
Ben and Noelle
Benjamin & Ashlee
Benn & Julie
Bianca & Ashley
Bianca and Adrian
Bilal & Maissa
Blair and Reannan
Blake and Natalie
Bobby & Maria
Bojan & Ping
Bojan and Ping
Brad and Kristy
Brendan & Louise
Brenton and Draga
Bret & April
Brian and Charlene
Cain and Christina
Caitlin Test 0
Cameron and Jane
Camilo & Helen
Carl & Rachel
Carlo & Patricia
Caroline and Fouad
Charbel and Merna
Charlie and Clair
Chin & Alison
Chris & Alissa
Chris & Andrea
Chris & Chiara
Chris & Chloe
Chris & Cleo
Chris & Kacie
Chris & Sarah
Chris & Zayde
Chris and Antonietta
Chris and Connie
Chris and Jennifer
Chris and Kristen
Chris and Megan
Chris and Ronda
Chris and Tahni - Rehearsal Day
Chris and Tahni - Rob's Exra's
Chris and Tahni - Wedding Day
Chris and Tamsyn
Christopher and Lorrianne
Christopher and Sarah
Claude & Laura
Clemmet & Lisa 12
Craig & Alex
Damien & Belinda
Damien and Melissa
Damon and Jenny
Daniel & Debbie
Daniel & Kylie
Daniel & Natalie
Daniel and Corina
Daniel and Fiona
Daniel and Jessica
Daniel and Rachel
Daniel and Sara
Danny & Eve
Danny and Eve
Darrel and Sonia
Darren & Angela
Darren and Simone
Dave & Joanne
Dave and Lan
David & Emily
David & Jessica
David & Linda
David & Linda - Tea Ceremony
David & Shelley
David and Corina
David and Lady Sandrajane
David and Mary-Ann
David and Stephanie
David and Suzanne
David and Yana
Denis and Bronwen
Dennis & Maybelle
Dennis and Natalie
Desmond and Christina
Devitt & Kimberly
Diana Chau
Diana Chau 2
Dinesh & Senaya
Display Album 1
Display Album 2
Domenic & Vanessa
Dominic & Lauren
Drew and Susan
Dustin and Poppy
Dwayne and Jade
Eddy & Rozy
Eddy & Rozy 2
Edmond & Kelli
Ehab and Sibel
Eric & Sharon
Eric & Suin
Eric and Yumi
Fabian and Genna
Frank & Kirsty
Gabriel & Catherine
Gabrielle and Jevan
Gareth and Sarah
Gary & Bronwyn
Gary and Danielle
Gary and Oriana
Genna and Ricky
Geoff & Adele
George and Anne
George and Claire
George and Sherry
Georgia and Tass
Gerard and Sonia
Glen & Tania
Goran and Enza
Gus and Yumi
Harry & Bernadette
Harry and Kristina
Isaac and Dielle
Ivan & Audine
Ivan & Grace
James & Amy
James & Lea
James & Molly
James & Nicole
James & Samantha
James and Dimi
James and Esha
James and Natasha
James and Rachel
Jamie & Vithiya
Jarnie and Michael
Jarrod and Georgia
Jason & Angelyn Wedding
Jason and Caron
Jason and Christine
Jeremy & Alicia
Jeremy & Dannielle
Jeremy and Elena
Jim & Sam
Jimmy and Danielle
Jodee album #1
Jodee Album #2
Joe and Charlotte
Joe and Maria
Joel and Courtney
John & Angela
John & Georgia
John & Hariclea
John & Irra 3
John & Kim
John & Lisa
John and Delphine
Johnny & Victoria
John-Paul and Jacqueline
Jonathan & Lisa
Jonathon & Francesca
Jonno and Jen
Joseph & Silvia
Joseph and Hannah
Josh & Kellie-Ann
Joshua & Hayley
Joshua & Nicole
Julian and Deborah
Julian and Melissa
Justin & Zhen
Kade & Angela
Karan and Samantha - Haldi
Karan and Samantha - Henna
Karan and Samantha - Wedding
Kellie-anne and Joseph
Kenny & Hieu
Kenny and Ashleigh
Kevin and Carolyn
Kiet and Lisa
Kire and Meghan
Kosta and Kristen
Kristian & Nadia
Kypros and Fiona
Laz and Fiona
Leigh & Emily
Lewis and Vivian
Liam and Erin
Lloyd & Jessica
Lucas and Sarah
Lucas and Yahata
Luke & Ebony
Luke and Linda album
Luke and Sonia
Manfred & Belinda
Marcus & Erin
Marcus and Nicola
Maria & Arie
Mark & Simone
Mark & Tina
Mark and Angela
Mark and Georgina
Mark and Luisa
Martin & Madeline
Martin and Queenie
Mary & David
Matt & Tiffany
Matt and Tara
Matthew & Dorothy
Matthew & Joanne
Matthew & Stephanie
Matthew and Alison
Matthew and Ebony-Jane
Matthew and Frances
Matthew and Helen
Matthew and Jessica
Matthew and Michelle
Mauro & Julia
Maya & Kunaal
Melbourne Zoo
Mena & Marina
Mervin & Marlene
Michael & Anna
Michael & Candid
Michael & Elizabeth
Michael & Michelle
Michael & Rebecca
Michael and Abbey
Michael and Emma
Michael and Gorana
Michael and Kara
Michael and Michelle
Michael and Natalie
Michael and Tina
Miguel & Nazli
Miguel & Wen
Mohan & Niroshi
Nabil & Angie
Nathan and Josephine Wedding Album
Nathan and Katina
Nicholas & Lisa
Nicholas & Nadine
Nick and Marika
Nick and Stephanie
Nik & Cristina
Norman & Nancy
Odai & Rachel
Park Hyatt
Park Hyatt Album
Pat & Emily
Pat & Rosa
Pat and Jessica
Patrick and Andrea
Patrick and Suzanne
Paul & Hayly
Paul & Rita
Paul and Elizabeth
Paul and Maria
Paul and Sarah
Paulo & Kerrell
Pedro & Deirdre
Peter & Clare
Peter & Clare Wedding Album
Peter and Felicity
Peter and Katherine
Peter and Kathy
Peter and Rachel
Peter and Vanessa
Philip & Lydia
Phuong and Anja
Pino and Maria
Pravine & Jessica
Pravine and Jessica Henna Night
Rahul & Christie
Rahul and Amrita
Red Scooter
Remy & Emily
Ren and Kelly
Richard & Karen
Richard & Marina
Rick & Johanna
Rob & Keely
Rob & Mary
Rob & Naru
Robert and Anna
Robert and Christine
Robert and Mithra
Rodney & Stephanie
Roman and Mini
Ron & Felicia
Ron and Wendy
Ronald & Teresa
Ross & Rebecca
Ross and Barbara
Roy and Linda
Russell and Jessica
Russell and Molly
Saba and Sue
Sam & Emily
Sam and Diana
Sam and Emma
Sam and Parthena
Sam and Robyn
Samuel and Vivienne
Sandeep and Louise
Scott & Amanda
Scott & Chiara
Scott & Vanessa
Sean & Elizabeth
Sean and Leanne
Sebastian and Tanya
Shane & Donna
Shannon & Sarah
Shireen and Nathan
Showtime Events Centre
Sime & Anna
Simon and Claire
Simon and Elena
Simon and Elyce
Simon and Jade
Stefan & Danielle
Stephen & Jaime
Stephen & Lisa
Stephen and Victoria
Steve & Kathrine
Steve and Bec
Steven & Natasha
Stones of the Yarra Valley
Stuart & Amy
Tass and Georgia 1
Thank You
Thomas & Bree
Thomas and Lollie
Tim & Sarah
Tiv & Darina
To the Bride and Groom
Tom & Tiffany
Tony & Simone
Tony and Antonietta
Tori and Ryan
Triet & Lisa
Tristan and Ashleigh
Troy and Bronwyn
Troy and Jo-anne
Vedat & Elaine
Vesco & Jasna
Vince & Caitlin
Vincent & Grace
Vindi & Althea
Will & Aleema
Will and Natalie
William & Anna
William and Kate
Yosi & Jessica
Adam and Bree
Adam and Hasnaa Engagement shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Adam and Natasha Engagement Shoot
Alan and Alicia Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Alex & Maria Engagement Shoot
Alison and Matthew engagement
Aman & Kara Engagement Shoot
Amanda Family Shoot
Amy and James Engagement shoot
Andrei and Jessica
Andrew & Tara E-Shoot
Andrew and Cheryl Engagement shoot
Andrew and Diane
Andrew and Keeghan Engagement
Andrew and Renee Engagement Shoot
Angela & Fabio
Angela & Fabio Chosen
Anna & Sime Engagement
Anthony and Carol Engagement Shoot
Anthony and Kristine Engagement Shoot
Anthony and Meril Engagement Shoot
Anthony and Stephanie Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Anthony and Tanina Engagement Shoot
Anton, Katie & Boof
Arie Shoot
Baby Shoot
Baby shoot 2
Ben & Ashlee
Ben and Phillis Engagement Shoot
Benn & Julie Engagement
Benn and Lauren Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Bethh, Jim & Harry
Bianca & Adrian Engagement Shoot
Bill and Dina Engagement shoot
Blair and Reannan Engagement Shoot
Blaza and Vera Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Bobby and Maria
Brad and Briohny Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Braedan and Natalia Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Brandon and Rebecca Engagement Shoot
Brendan & Louise Engagement Shoot
Brendan and Jenny Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Brendan and Louise
Brenton and Draga Engagement shoot
Cain and Christina Engagement Shoot
Cameron & Jane
Carlton Gardens
Chin and Alison
Chris and Antonietta Engagement Shoot
Chris and Chiara
Chris and Megan Engagement Shoot
Chris and Rachel Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Christopher and Sarah Engagement Shoot
Clare - Headshots
Damon and Jenny Engagement Shoot
Daniel and Hayley Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Daniel and Kylie Engagement Shoot
Daniel and Sara Engagement Shoot
Daniel and Tracey Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Daniella & Adrian - Baby Shoot
Daniella & Adrian - Pregnancy
Darren and Angela Engagement shoot
Darren and Mariella Engagement Shoot
Dave and Rebecca Portrait Shoot
David & Yana EShoot
David and Amanda Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
David and Shannon Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
David and Steph
Di - Strong Women
Donna & Christian
Dot and Robert
Dwayne and Jade Engagement Shoot
Ehab and Sibel Engagement shoot
Eltham Dog Example
Eric and Suin Engagement Shoot
Example PH
Fabian and Genna Engagement Shoot
Fitzroy Gardens
For Nathan
Gabriela and Makul
Gabriel's 50th Birthday
Gareth & Sarah Engagement Shoot
Gary and Bronwyn Engagement shoot
George and Anne Engagement shoot
George and Sherry Engagement Shoot
Georgia & John Engagement
Goonawarra 1
Goonawarra 2
Goonawarra 3
Grace Michael Latisha & Christian
Hang and Amanda Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Helen and Camillo
Hugo and Annabelle Engagment Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Isaac and Dielle Engagement Shoot
Ivan & Grace Engagement Shoot
James and Dimi Engagement Shoot
James and Nicole Engagement Shoot
James and Samantha Engagement Shoot
Jamie and David
Jeremy and Elena - Bride
Jeremy and Elena - EShoot
Jeremy and Elena - Groom
Jevan and Gabrielle Engagememt shoot
Joanne & Matthew Engagement Shoot
Jodie, Michael & Zahra
Joe, Rebecca & baby Edison
Joel & Laura Engagement Shoot
John and Delphine Engagement shoot
John and Hariclea Engagement shoot
John and Jacqui Engagement Shoot
Jorgie and Harley
Joseph and Kellie- Anne Engagement shoot
Josephine and Stan
Josh and Kellie-Ann
Kane and Erin Engagement
Kane and Erin Engagement shoot
Karen Amor
Karen Amor 1
Katherine and Peter Engagement Shoot
Katie and Jerry
Kevin and Wei Mun Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Kire & Meghan
Kosta - 21st Party
Kristian and Nadia Engagement Shoot
Kylie Adam & Christian
Kypros and Fiona Engagement Shoot
Laz and Fiona Engagement Shoot
Lewis and Vivian Engagement Shoot
Linda & Paula
Lindy and Peter 1
Loc and Nicole engagement shoot
Lody, Rabi & George
Luke and Kristy Engagement Shoot
Luke and Sonia Engagement
Lynne and Martin
Manhattan Rock Concert Oct 12
Manhattan Rock Concert Oct 13
Manhattan V1-2013
Manhattan V2-2013
Manhattan Vocal 1 - 2012
Manhattan Vocal 2 - 2012
Manhattan Vocal Concert 1 - 2014
Manhattan Vocal Concert 2 - 2014
Marcus and Nicola Engagement shoot
Maria Arie & Elliana
Maria Raimondi
Martin and Madeline
Mary and Sydney
Maryanne and Pierre
Maryanne and Pierre New Born
Masoud and Roya Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Matt & Tiffany Engagement Shoot
Matt and Ebony-Jane Engagement Shoot
Matt and Kelley Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Matthew & Helen
Matthew and Helen Eshoot
Maya & Kunaal Engagement Shoot
Megan Chris
Melissa and Damien
Melissa and Thomas
Melissa Modelling Portfolio
Melissa Wilson
Melissa, Maddison & Thomas
Merna and Charbel
Mervin and Marlene
Michael and Abbey Engagement Shoot
Michael and Elizabeth Engagement shoot
Michael and Gorana Engagement shoot
Michael and Jessica Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Michael and Lisa Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Michael and Michelle Engagement Shoot
Mike and Kylie Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Montsalat - Food
Montsalvat 50th
Montsalvat Family Example
Montsalvat Open Day - 5th Oct
Nathan and Josephine Engagement Shoot
Nicholas and Kirby Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Nick & Stephanie
Nick and Maria Preshoot
Nicola - Head Shots
Nicole, Scott and Family
Nik and Cristina Engagement Shoot
Nikki and Scout
Niroshi & Mohan
Pat and Emily Engagement shoot
Pat and Jessica Engagement Shoot
Patrick and Andrea Engagement Shoot
Paul and Christine Engagement Shoot
Paul and Hayly
Paul and Sarah Engagement Shoot
Peter and Stacey Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Peter and Vanessa Engagement Shoot
Phuong and Anja Engagement Shoot
Pramesh and Nisha Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Rachel and Steve
Rahul and Christine
Rebecca & Andrew - Engagement
Rebecca & Michael Engagement
Remy and Emily
Richard and Karen Engagement Shoot
Robert and Mithra Engagement
Robert and Tara Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Ron & Teresa
Ross and Barbara Engagement Shoot
Ruth, Simon & Family
Sam and Emily Engagement Shoot
Sam and Parthena Engagement Shoot
Sample Wedding
Samuel and Vivienne Engagement shoot
Sarah & Shannon Engagement Shoot
Sarah and Fish
Sarah Family Shoot
Scott and Amanda Engagement Shoot
Scott and Chiara Engagement Shoot
Scott and Vanessa Engagement Shoot
Sean & Catherine
Sean Catherine & Kids
Sean Leanne & Alisha
Simon & Elyce Engagement Shoot
Simon and Jade Engagement
Sophie and Ian Broughton
Stan and Mirijana Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Steve and Bec Engagement Shoot
Steve and Kathrine Engagement Shoot
Steven & Natasha Engagement
Sue and Saba
Susan and Brian
Tim and Alex Engagement Shoot
Tim and Alex Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Tom & Gerry
Tom and Avril Engagement Shoot WINTER SPECIAL
Tony and Simone
Tori Ryan and Jade
Triet and Lisa Engagement Shoot
Troy and Bronwyn Preshoot
Victoria & Johnny
Vindi and Althea
Wen & Miguel Engagement Shoot
Will and Aleema Engagement Shoot
Will and Natalie Engagement Shoot
William & Emma Engagement Shoot
William and Anna Engagement shoot
Wingrove Cottage
Yarra Valley
Yosi and Jessica
Zayde and Chris
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